While staying at The Bagh Kanha and The Bagh Bharatpur, travellers can make the most of the wildlife around them with the Bird Hides that are designed specifically to witness different species in their natural habitat. These hides are built to ensure that all the birds and animals are secure and undisturbed by the people visiting for sightseeing. They’re divided into 4 categories, all are designed keeping in mind the safety of both animals and humans.

The Hide

One of the hides set up in the Bharatpur Bird Santuary for undisturbed bird capture.

White Throated Kingfisher

Popularly known as the white-breasted kingfisher, this bird can be widely seen in Asia. Usually this bird doesn't take long flights and feeds on the ecosystem of its nearest water body.

Pond Heron

It’s specifically migratory in nature and 40-50cm long. The bird is usually seen in the Indian subcontinent and the adjoining countries, including Pakistan, Burma, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Southern Iran.

Black Winged Stilt

This bird of the stilt family is known for its very long legs. The plumage is brightly coloured in shades of white and black. They have pointed beaks and their bark is specifically high pitched.


It is a very colourful bird with its roots from Afro-Eurasia. They have interesting patterns of colours on their plumage and sleek and sharp beaks. Their distinctive feather crown also sets them apart.

Golden Oriole

Bright yellow with hints of black, Golden Oriole is a sight to look at. This is the only species in its family that breeds in the temperate regions of the northern hemisphere. Also, the birds are migratory in nature.

Pied Myna

This species is an Indian native but can also be spotted in Southeast Asia. They usually accommodate themselves in the lower foothills or plains. Away from the urban chaos, these birds usually adorn the rural areas unlike the common myna, which can be easily seen in urban areas.

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