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Kanha National Park

A Diverse National Park

India being blessed with rich fauna and flora, has preserved several national parks and animal reserves across its latitudes and longitudes. Out of them, Kanha National Reserve, in Madhya Pradesh, is perhaps the largest in the country, spread over an area of 940 sq km, it is so huge that it covers two adjacent districts of Madhya Pradesh. 

Indian Gaur - Kanha National Park

How does one reach Kanha National Park? 

Well, the best part of this national park is its location. Jabalpur and Gondia are the nearest railway stations from where it is a 4-hour pleasant drive to the national park. The nearest airports are Raipur and Jabalpur with various flights connecting major cities of India.

The best time to visit the national park is from mid-October to end-July. Although our recommendation for brilliant wildlife sightings would be the summer months from April to July, the scorching summer heat brings out the animals in search for food and water bodies. 

Here are 7 Facts about Kanha National Park, that you perhaps were not aware of:

• Kanha National Park saved the endangered Barasingha deer from extinction. Due to high amount of poaching, the deer disappeared from Arunachal Pradesh and West Bengal and from our neighbouring countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. Owing to the situation, the authorities made great efforts to create an ecosystem in the forest along with educating the local villagers and tribes about the ill effects of poacching, this rare of the species of deer found its home. The National Park also has a mascot from the Barasingha community, Bhoorsingh.
• The forest of Kanha National Park is naturally divided into highland and low land. Owing to the difference in vegetation, the park becomes a home to a wider range of animals and avian species.
• Banjar and Halon are the two rivers that flow within the park. They are a good source of water to the animals as well as enrichen the landscape
• Kanha National park is also home to the endangered Dhole Indian species of wild dog They are an aggressive lot and live in packs.
• Kanha is home to more than 300 species of birds.
• Kanha National Park has 4 entry gates, each explores a specific zone of the jungle.
• Kanha National Park remains closed between 1st July and 15th October 

Should you plan to visit the park, we recommend opting for an eco-friendly jungle lodge practicing responsible tourism, by working with the local community. Jungle Lodges in Kanha are spacious, clean and the rooms are well appointed with all the modern amenities. We invite you to stay with us at The Bagh Kanha, considered one of the finest Kanha National Park resorts. Come explore your wild-side as you indulge in Jungle Safaris in the day as well as visits to local villagers for an immersive experience of the forests of Kanha!

Barasingha | Kanha National Park

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