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the philosophy

Seeking inclusive growth, wellbeing and self-actualization are the cruces of all endeavour at Exotic Heritage Group. We have stayed on this path for more than fifteen years and evolved as we go along, learning and discovering more about the interconnectedness of things.

As our Ganga River Cruise vessels go against the current, onward to explore and bring novel experiences, so too we strive to buck the trend as we work towards holistic and inclusive wellbeing and equanimity of everyone we interact with. Understanding and appreciating disparate cultures and practices is the first step to learning and eventual enlightenment. At Exotic Heritage Group, we hope to achieve and impart this to all our team members and friends by the exotic journeys we create and curate.

Kolkata City Tour

As innumerable adages from all across the globe have pronounced through the ages, travel with empathy, mindfulness and deep diligence is the true path to self-actualization. Journeys at Exotic Heritage Group strive to create that conducive space along with sensory scintillations, salutary sustenance and convivial team, traversing through nature’s most sublime spaces, rich in diversity of aesthetics, culture, tradition and wildlife. Exotic Heritage Group subscribes to the thought that travel is instrumental in achieving a full life when primed with elements of intellect, empathy and the spiritual. All our journeys, destinations and experiences mirror this philosophy. 

earth conscious

An important aspect of self-actualization, we believe lies in the fact that mindfulness is not a choice but a default. In this highly interconnected world, no action, however quotidian, is insignificant. Every action we take, every choice we make, ripples through the fabric of our existence, some transient, others not. We are sensitive to our intrusion into nature every time we venture into a novel experience, a new journey. Guided by our beliefs we continually invent and adopt means to reduce our footprint.

Some of the measures we have taken to achieve the mandate of being ecologically conscious are:

We have actively identified single-use plastics and replaced them with biodegradable options or reusable ones. Some simple measures include paper straws, wooden stirrers, refill bottles made of metal and glass for potable water processed using state of the art RO plants with economical usage of water overall.

The atmospheric beauty of our cruises is pronounced when illuminated brightly. We have adopted the use of energy-efficient LED lights coupled with ‘Turn Off Lights’ policy to reduce consumption further. Usage of solar panels and shore power lines from distribution to reduce the usage of fossil fuel-driven onboard generators whenever docked.

Luxury Tours to West Bengal

The Ganges is an exotic biosphere and we feel a sense of responsibility and duty to protect her and her inhabitants. The undesirable output of any cruise operation is the mixing of oil and water. We have adopted the latest in technology to separate them before discharging the water into the river, preventing contamination of the sensitive ecosystem.
The serene flow of the Ganges amidst the idyllic landscape of rural West Bengal is an experience to immerse in. To retain the sanctity of the intangible pleasure of silence as a necessary element of experiential travel, we have installed hospital-grade silencers on the cruise generators to achieve a sense of calm on the holy river.

spiritually conscious

Ancient wisdom and practice are a testament to the fact that self-actualization requires the broadening of spiritual horizon embracing the multitude. As privileged members of humanity, we are obligated to empower those that are not. To that end, we have adopted several measures and programs to support the local communities we exist in or touch in our journeys.

Procuring organic vegetables, fruits, coffee, tea and other food staples that supports the local economy while benefiting Indian farmers with the fortunate outcome of featuring authentic national and regional flavours in the freshly prepared food and beverage prepared using traditional cooking methods.

Our journeys take you through the cultural heartlands of India, ancient temples, colourful bazaars, homes of the artists who keep the tradition alive in the nameless narrow streets across the subcontinent. Wherever feasible we promote the use of local transport for a more immersive experience using electric rickshaws and of course the epitome of slow travel, on foot.

Our river cruise is one of its kind, with the ships and boats designed and built by a local firm, operated to realize an authentically Indian experience from the plates in the hull to the gourmet cocktails in the lounge with the onboard performances by local artists and performers who have dedicated their lives to sustain and develop traditional art forms creating an atmosphere for learning and exchange of culture and ideas in an immersive fashion. Participation in rare and exotic festivals, traditional and modern, which are a showcase of the living heritage of arts, culture and performances promoted in all our journeys.

As a part of the community outreach and social responsibility, we are involved with many NGOs to assist children from disadvantaged and underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds to achieve a higher standard of living via education.

yoga on Luxury River Cruise India

On a more personal front, our river cruises offer you the perfect atmosphere to reconnect with yourself as you rejuvenate in the comfort and salubrity of our wellness cruise. With the undercurrent of unison of all life being magnified as you cruise along the holy Ganges, the birthplace of Yoga, we organize expert teachers to guide you on the path of Yoga aboard our ships amidst the serene beauty of Ganga as she bestows her largesse on the land around before becoming one with the ocean, only to start the cycle all over again, much like our lives. 

A closing note...

Luxury and travel have for long been associated with each other. Both are aspirational and mirror the intellect and ideas of the time. Extravagance and opulence used to define luxury but with changing climes and needs of the hour, our understanding and perspective of luxury have also changed. But the fundamental has remained constant. Luxury is making accessible the exotic, our raison d'être and appellative.

We motivate our guests to adopt luxury consciously and mindfully, assessing the impact their actions and demands have on the fragile ecosystem we make accessible to them. Reuse of linen and towels with a change every other day rather than every day makes a tangible impact with hardly a measure of austerity.

Luxury is protecting the exotic - the wildlife and habitats, the art and culture, the heritage and traditions. We partner with motivated and passionate individuals and collectives to achieve this in the region we operate, for these are the reasons you wish to journey here.

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Seeking inclusive growth, wellbeing and self-actualization are the cruces of all endeavour at Exotic Heritage Group. We have stayed on this path for more than fifteen years and evolved as we go along, learning and discovering more about the interconnectedness of things...

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