Experience the essence of Indian Classical Music at The Bagh Bharatpur

Sat Surana Gaao,
Anuthe rangeela raag
Suna sura suda bisaraagata
Taana rang mana lehrawaat”
The raag “Yamana” echoes adorning the setting sun and welcoming the dusk. The retreating birds chirp one last time for the day, in unison with the melody, as they return to their respective nests. As if, they are all in agreement to the lyrics of the ‘bandish’. A particular serenity takes over the place like never before. Music, at the end, proves that it is indeed a universal language.

We, at The Bagh Bharatpur, are celebrating this very universal language, in the voice of renowned Hindustani classical singer, Priya Purushothaman in Mehfil-e-Bagh on 4th and 5th May, 2019.

The Packages start from INR 7,000 per room, per night inclusive taxes. This amount includes your accommodation and food at our heritage hotel, excluding any liquor serving.

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