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by Ganges Voyager

South Asia’s Luxury Cruise on River Ganges

The mighty river Ganges, also known as Ganga in Sanskrit, represents grace and timeless existence. For centuries, travellers explored different parts of the country through the Ganges and this is one of the reasons that our founder and director, Mr. Raj Singh decided to carry on with this tradition. The epitome of elegance and luxury, Ganga Voyager offers travel experiences in the Indian Subcontinent by sailing in some of South Asia’s finest luxury river cruise ships.

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our special ITINERARIES

With a vision to make the journey along the ancient river routes of East India memorable, we have meticulously carved out itineraries to explore some of the most beautiful destinations from Kolkata to Varanasi. Discover new cultures, new experiences and new destinations while you sail on the Ganges.


Our award winning river cruise promises to sail you into a world of comfort and style. With 28 well-equipped cabins, Ganges Voyager has the capacity to accommodate 56 guests. There are 35 crew members on board to make your sail carefree and only about fond memories. There are 5 categories of rooms to choose from, where you can relax while we take you places.

  • Ganges River Cruise
  • LED TV
  • Minibar
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Fruit Platter
  • Electronic Safe
  • Cold Water

Experience on Ganges Voyager

Welcome Aboard! Along with cruising through the river Ganges, we have plenty of activities lined up for you to indulge in. From sunbathing to spending easy evenings on the deck, Ganges Voyager offers different experiences for every age group. You can also admire the views and famous touch points while the luxury cruise takes you to many a destinations.


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delicious food

Your journey on Ganges Voyager is accompanied by delicious food at our multi-cuisine dining room on the main deck where our expert chefs serve their best versions of delicious cuisines. The sun deck has a bar where our bartenders stir up exotic drinks. You can choose from our wide range of imported wines, teas and coffees, and unwind in the open lounge while enjoying the beautiful views outside.


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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Yes, we have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities for kids as well as adults.

Apart from the stay and basic amenities, we have many other inclusions such as access to the lounge area, evening cultural performances, and excursions to different locations on the way and much more.

We have on call doctors on the cruise for the guests.

You can go to our website and choose your package.

Yes, you can make a direct booking from the website.

Yes, this cruise is for families with kids, couples and solo travellers as well.

For a cruise trip, it’s advisable to pack light and breezy clothes and keep the ones in which you feel the most comfortable.

No, you don’t need travel insurance for cruise.

We have high-speed Wi-Fi in our river cruises.

Our rooms have over 20+ luxurious rooms & suites.

The cruise is well-equipped with modern amenities and facilities, including a spa, private dining, yoga classes and more.

Yes, smoking is allowed in the deck area of the cruise.

For our policies and cancellation rules, please go through our website.

We have various transportation options, including local as well as luxury fleet.

The weather keeps varying according to the destination we’re at.

You can wear anything you’re comfortable in. No strict guidelines about that.

Our professional and experienced team takes care of the guests when they’re travelling with us.

We have various offers on the website and one of them is availing complimentary breakfast with the package.

Yes, we have a dedicated spa service on the cruise.

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