A swift sail
by R.V. Bengal Ganga

Experience of Bengal Ganga River Cruise with Us

Set yourself on a journey to explore the cultural background of India with Bengal Ganga. The river cruise ship was built in 2004, and the design is reminiscent of the colonial ships used by the Viceroys of British India. Keeping the royal essence preserved, the cruise will transport you into another world, not just physically but also spiritually.
It has been designed as an aesthetic replica of the colonial styled ‘Clyde’ steamers that trudged through swamps and far flung deltas of the Indian subcontinent that ruled the seas at the height of the British Empire. The ship has 28 state rooms that exude premium luxury in design and interiors, along with recreational areas and a dining room.

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our special ITINERARIES

All our itineraries are designed and curated to offer you some of the best sailing experiences across India. Learn, observe, relax and enjoy different chapters of the journey while enjoying the luxury and hospitality of the RV Bengal Ganga.


Cast in the rich Burma teak, our rooms are designed and equipped with modern amenities and a dash of the quintessential Indian luxury. Taking your experience a notch up, each room opens onto a balcony to ensure a relaxed space of your own.

  • Wifi
  • Coffee Maker
  • Fruit Platter
  • Hot/Cold Water

Experience on R.V. Bengal Ganga

A voyage on the Bengal Ganga promises to make your travel experience all about appreciating the finer things in life. Wake up and indulge in some revitalizing activities, like yoga, meditation, gym and spa; sip the finest wines from around the world; and soak yourself in the calm of the Ganges.


R.V. Bengal Ganga delicious food

With large windows on either side that allow diners to view the river banks, our Dining Room serves delicious delicacies from the hinterland of India and popular cuisines from around the world. It is equipped with the retro yet classy Streamline Moderne buffet counter, lovely teak tables and elegant textiles.


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